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Food-Grade Transport Sanitisation

The Trusted, Reliable Cleaning Experts

Trucks that carry food products are held to higher standards than any other kind of transport vehicle. The consequence of this is that they need full food-grade interior sanitising – and often.

We provide a washing schedule and certification to ensure that your trucks stay on the road, transporting food products without a hitch. With even 1 day off the road costing up to millions of dollars, we understand how crucial it is to keep trucks sanitised to food hygiene regulations, and can provide a full valet service that meets food sanitisation standards.

We can provide any type of sanitising, and we offer specialisation in milk tanker trucks and poultry transportation.

Trusted by Top Companies

The Truck Cleaning Company has cleaned trucks for some of the biggest names in the food industry, from Progressive to Linfox, and we have experience with everything from poultry transportation trucks to milk tankers. When you’re dealing with us, you can rest easy knowing that food hygiene regulations are taken care of.